Welcome to Vexture! We are a small game studio that love to develop and play games. Having recently launched our first title, Kyoobix, we look forward to providing the world an entertaining time! So game on!


Genre: Arcade/Puzzle

Presenting Kyoobix! A mind twisting 3D arcade game to challenge your brain, reflexes and strategy.

Use 3 dimensional spatial reasoning, reflexes and luck to solve levels and beat your own highscore.

Sounds easy? – but levels get more difficult as the cluster gets larger and more complex with every success.

Enjoy this mind twisting game, along with the Tron-esque aesthetic and powerful synthwave music.




In search of innovation.

Many runner games in the market are designed around the same principle. The player runs in the same direction, same threat and same powerups. There needs to be a fresh new direction (pun intended) 😉